Weekly Challenge #47 "Plants"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Plants

Starts 1/4/2021 and ends 1/9/21 Midnight PST

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1th submision oh yea!

O nice, looks alive.


haha thats awesome!

Nice one! Makes me think of summer

love it!

nice stylized look!

Artsy entry.

Bonsai Tree

well done man! Great entry :smiley:

DUDE! I love this ed. Used to like Bonsais and have one or two haha

As plants should :wink:

No, Youre Breathtaking - Keanu Reeves ?

It loves you too karne ?

Tell it I’m too old and tough to eat…lol

Oh! Now I finally know why they are called sunflowers. Good job !

Awesome! Love the shading.

wise words. Good job mate.

Made some Plants… lol