Weekly Challenge #45 "Future Technology / Scifi"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Future Technology / Scifi

Starts 12/22/2020 and ends 12/26/20 Midnight PST

Please submit your entry to THIS thread by hitting REPLY at the top right. Comments are welcome!

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For the WC weekly. I’m going to say I gave it a go, I wanted a cute lil ship with soft eyes and big red grin. But this is what you get lol

This is lowpoly scifi helm or I just want it to be. LOL. Anyways! That’s my entrance for the weekly challenge.

weekly challenge render futuristic or sci fi:-

Futurist/Sci FI Bicycle

I did animation.

Love it! Very slick!

Rendered with Cycles, procedural textures, map from Planetpixelemporium.com.

Tron bike, nice!


thanks guys