Weekly Challenge #41 "Gun / Guns"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Gun / Guns”

Starts 11/23/2020 and ends 11/28/20 Midnight PST

Please submit your entry to THIS thread by hitting REPLY at the top right. Comments are welcome!

Check Rules and Guidelines HERE

Hi guys this is my favorite theme! Do your best! cant wait - x.

Ain’t never done guns or mech before.
This is gonna be fun…

Sweet!! Probably wont have time, but very cool!

WIP little pew pew!

WOW! Amazing (o) cant wait to see the finished one!

My submission for guns. Ultramarine style

Awww so cute :smiley:

If we are talking guns… go big!

I like the one on the left

Thanks! Sorry for late reply, didn’t get notif lol, but anyway, it’s finished now ?

Finished render, first image is for the entry. Rendered with EEVEE, post pro in GIMP.

Here’s some ‘BigGuns’ with homemade tattoo to prove it!

Whoah! That’s flippen cool

Nice detailing!

Maybe I stretched the definition of gun

Lower poly version with PBR textures