Weekly Challenge #4 "Vehicle"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Vehicle”

Starts 3/9/2020 and ends 3/15/20 Midnight PST

This can be any kind of vehicle. Land, water, underground, air, space. Anything used to transport people and/or stuff and things!

Please submit your entry to THIS thread by hitting REPLY at the top right. Comments are welcome!

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Ah, I will see what I can do on this.

Awesome! Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Many of you should recognize this, but if not… It’s a recreation of racing kart from Crash Team Racing game. Hope you like it. Critics are very welcome!

This is just super cool Weks! I used to play this quite a bit as a kid. Love it! As far as critique, I would just say one thing is use HDRI for lighting or try that, other than that, amazing!

Yes, it look a bit too dark. I’m very much proud of tires and color palette. I couldn’t decide on whether to leave it low poly or not. Well, this is what it is now. Let’s move on next project.

oh no I don’t think it’s too dark but the HDRI can give it some nice reflections is all :slight_smile: (and help with some of the dark spots but I was thinking more reflections)

Here’s a low poly Hydroplane. Don’t have time to do anymore with this. Busy weekend with family!

This looks awesome Eladd! Loving the style :slight_smile: Enjoy your time with family!

Looks great. My only thought is the material on the exhaust. Seems a little rough and might look better more of a chrome look. You did a fantastic job on the tires.

Cool style. Reminds me of Jet Set Radio.

Damn, I’m sorry Alex I posted it in the wrong area. LOL.

Here goes again. I don’t have the time to properly texter it. I thought I would throw it on for fun. I modeled new stuff for it, but its also a kit bash from work before. I thought it looked cool to pose though.

Hope you guys are at least entertained by it.

Nice @TwistedSister!

I wanted to do the StarShip Enterprise too! Thumbsup

Hey everybody,

Here is my submission.
I guess it’s a low poly attempt… Slight Smile
Have a great weekend Sunglasses

Makes me think that it’s a Mars Vehicle used by the first colonies :stuck_out_tongue: Looks lovely Nim it has an otherworldly feel to it whilst not being necessarily sci-fi, that I really dig!

Excellent work Twisted, I bet it was a nice break from all the character models :smiley:

I love the colors and style Eladd, really like the comic book style this has!

Beautiful render Weks, I like the tires especially they look very realistic, as does the rest of the vehicle as well. As Alex said, an HDRI would 100% this, you have awesome colors and materials that look very realistic, getting some realistic light in there as well will bring it all together.
Well done!!

Thanks @alexkarajohnn !! Grin

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