Weekly Challenge #38 "Portal / Gate"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Portal / Gate”

Starts 11/2/2020 and ends 11/7/20 Midnight PST

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I call it “Abyssal Transport”.

Desert Town Environment with Town Grand Gate.

Cool !!

Love the shading style, feels like a GP draw

Great work man!!

Love the ladder . Reminds me of the chase in Hong Kong from Johny english?

(must watch )

Thanks… Ritik…

I already watch Johney English…I remember the Ladder Scene ?. I like Monastery Scene where he was training as a Monk. ???

Portal to an Alien planet.

Pew pew

This is my mistery Portal to the Unknown…

Portal to another dimension…

Sea Gate [ non-competing ]

Rendered in Cycles, post-pro with Gimp. This is like the 5th or 6th idea, had been going back and forth between scifi and fantasy concepts at first.

Nice entry and video too! Aside from Totoro reference, is the black sphere thingy meant as a homage to blackhole generator in Event Horizon ?

Cross between Stargate and Mirrors edge.

Nice colours and camera tilted composition!

Yes wanted to make a jump from this dark Event Horizon scene to a fluffy almost white heaven like place… but time ran out…

Black hole on earth… ?


Wow… Beautiful Artwork…


Nice, It gives a sense of motion.