Weekly Challenge #34 "Treasure"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Treasure”

Whatever comes to mind when you think of TREASURE

Starts 10/5/2020 and ends 10/10/20 Midnight PST

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A treasure I once had…

made this just after seeing dritings now. in 2 hours haha

I love this!!!

Great idea and execution man! Very nicely done and deep meaning

GOLD!!! looks great man and a first WC!? sweet!



Squirrel’s treasure

haha this is brilliant Monica! Well done :slight_smile:

Thank u Alex?

Here’s what I come up with… Very inspiring title!


This are some still from my video.

I really love the idea!

Wow . . wonderful Arolf???

Thank u Arolf?

“X” marks the spot.

indeed true. well done?

I love it arolf. Awesome Quality work