Weekly Challenge #31 "Video Games"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Video Games”

Starts 9/14/2020 and ends 9/19/20 Midnight PST

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Oh this gonna be interesting.

I dedicate this entry to the most beloved game series dear to me. I had a lot of fun making this and I hope my love for this franchise is easily seen by how much I put into this.

My entry, I call, “Truly Legendary”.

Ah Dang it

I too did some what like this lol :frowning:

But this is super cool

This is Kingdom Rush but with 3D. Kingdom Rush is a Tower defense game if you don’t know

Very nicely done drift! One of the best games :slight_smile:

haha great idea to make this! Love it

Here’s my entry.

Hey Guys

Here is my entry i call it ‘Royal Warriors’, Hope you like it :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I cannot post it as file format because its so blurred :frowning:

its not file format its image format


Thanks Buddy :slight_smile: glad you like it !

Hi, my idea is from a gamer perspective. Getting involved in a good game. I’ve watched my son lose the world in his games. Listening to him talk etc. Stuck Out Tongue Winking Eye

Nice work :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s real cool, reminds me of the game City of Heroes, and I like that you wen for the “storytelling” perspective!

Nice one Ritu!

Has something happened in minecraft recently? I keep seeing posts about it everywhere… not just in 3d but like memes etc… it’s confusing lol
Anyway, cool render yeets!

Nice Darth, kinda looks like the castles are playing soccer :stuck_out_tongue: Like if you cropped it on the right side just a tiny bit more it would look like a soccer field with a hill in it :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly I’m just disappointed you didn’t make one of those awesome sprites you keep hidden away… lol jk :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice work Drift :wink: