Weekly Challenge #3 "Abstract Element"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our first Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Abstract Elements"

Starts 3/2/2020 and ends 3/7/20 Midnight PST

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Here are some examples of Abstract Elements and a description:

This week we offer you a challenge to get out of the ordinary things of life a bit. Abstract art is the one that does not represent reality. This is your opportunity to bend reality!

1st one huh?

Man this is trippy and makes my head spin for some reason lol! Nicely done Crispy! Definitely something different from you :smiley:


Very cool - love the colours - trippy

wild !

Hello Hello,
Well here is my Abstract piece.

Safe to say that this was a hard one, not the blending stuff but rather understanding what the hell is an abstract element\art.

Enjoy Love You GestureCall Me

Nice work. I like it.

Nice job NIM! Another dimension and universe :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet !

just some fun with particals i guess its abstract? idk sure is fun tho :P

Just playing around with Particle System. Had to follow a tutorial :wink: Bog standard one out there. This is what I made. Tried various things but still learning. Not going to mess around with this much more but can see it would be interesting to introduce into some scenes.

Cool, looks good.

Nice, I like thew contrasted colors.

“Abstracted Servings”

This is really cool Mike. Trippy. Good computer background :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice Eladd! Looks nice and calming but intense at the same time :smiley:

Sweet Steve! Kinda want to eat all of it mug included :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome eladd .i took the same tut :smiley: its been mixed as my profile pic for awhile now lol sweet!