Weekly Challenge #29 "What's Your Great Escape?"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “What’s Your Great Escape?”

Starts 8/31/2020 and ends 9/5/20 Midnight PST

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Secluded Private Resort on the Water

My great escape is going to the fishing pier just a few miles down the road. Night fishing is so peaceful and relaxing. Twinkling lights, stars, and sound of nature.

EEVEE render and DoF added as well.

very cool man… i love the pier… came out fantastic… love how ya put moon in there too…

This is awesome!

Thanks, I was rather lazy with it as you can tell being rendered in EEVEE and all which I hate to do. Looks like it is just you and me this weeks contest. Woohoooooo 50% chance! Nice job on yours as well @TechTimmyD