Weekly Challenge #28 "Something From Your City"

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Theme: “Something From Your City”

Starts 8/24/2020 and ends 8/29/20 Midnight PST

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How do you model crime?? #StocktonCA baby

Money machine being ripped out of a wall?

Brick being thrown through window?

Car chase on motorway with stolen vehicle?

Kid crying cause you took its balloon?


I think you should focus on on something positive not negative…

Also question: what if you don’t live in a city? I’m basically out in the sticks.

I’d say go commit some crimes and then hand wave them away as “active research” and “reference gathering” get some hands on experience. LOL
Dark alley, some vulnerable person being followed by a hooded figure maybe?
Some police cars, sirens on, police tape around a crime scene, small crowd gathered, a victim covered by sheets and you can only see the victims hand with a bit of blood on it.
PM me for ideas I can’t write here without getting banned… rofl

I know you’re probably kidding but hey I’d say do the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of your city, doesn’t necessarily have to be a positive thing.

Maybe a city you lived in at some point? Or would have liked to live in? Though I’m sure you can come up with something more creative if you play with the idea of the forest as a city or vice versa. You know, like the saying “concrete jungle” for a city? Maybe there’s something there…

Yeahhhh, I probably should

Only way to model crime is to become crime


I think it applies more generally and don’t have to be a city, so you can make something from your region/area/district, etc.

I would also consider you region, some locations are just make up of lots of small communities. No real city as such. So focus on something that is a local attraction maybe?

This is the ‘FanFare’. It is New Zealands largest public sculpture. I drive past this everytime I drive into Christchurch.

Was hard to get the lighting right so went for a more misty/fogy/rainy type atmosphere.

Forgot to select denoise. Here render with denoise enabled!

wow thats awesome… i personally love misty/fogy/rainy atmospheres lolol… came out great… I looked it up cuz I wanted to see if I was right and yes… the little fans move… very neat choice!!!

Heres a video about it.

Dude super cool! I like the atmosphere of it


Florida Everglades

From the lovely desert - Fountain of Succulents and some attempts at saguaro cacti (the thorns are a pain). Sculpted or modeled everything except the textures. Rendered in Cycles because Eevee kept choking on the textures/materials.