Weekly Challenge #27 "Mechanical"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Mechanical”

Starts 8/17/2020 and ends 8/22/20 Midnight PST

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I call this “Waiting”. It’s a mechanical exo-suit, waiting for a pilot to get it out of cargo.

" Tyrannosaurus mech "

Actually, it doesn’t resemble a T-Rex too much, I just need a fancy title… Stuck Out Tongue

Rendered with Cycles, procedural textures, post pro in GIMP.

Holy Jurassic Crap!!!.. that is awesome dude…

lol… thanks!


Very stylish!

Must go faster… :slight_smile:

Chop chop! Grinning

holy dinosaur!!

must have put a lot of effort into it!!

LOL Laughing

Uhhhhh, I think I went the wrong direction. I made Mechanical pencils. Does that count Joy

Springtrap Animatronics from 5 nights at freddys 3

Hello Nightmares! :smiley: Awesome job man.

Thanks Steve

This is amazing and terrifying!

This is called…“I tried”

Lol it a Bender Blender Render!

Ticks all the right boxes! you win!