Weekly Challenge #25 "Magical"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Magical”

Starts 8/1/2020 and ends 8/8/20 Midnight PST

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Where are you Mr. Magician? ThinkingTophat
“Magical props”

I am on a Zelda Kick. The ocarina to me is pretty magical lol. I did my best!

“Magical Breakfast”, Bacon & Eggs, Toast, Coffee, BM Cake, MMMmmm!

How the hell your files looks big like that and mind small with that white line and all that???

I believe you have select ‘Attach’ instead of ‘Photo’ (the camera icon).

Very nice man! Love magic, used to do it a bit when I was younger haha fun stuff

Excellent work Chelsea! Like the background a lot better on here :slight_smile:

And yes nim you need to use the camera icon not the document icon to upload pics :slight_smile:

Dang! Love this breakfast! This will be the Blendermaniac breakfast for launch day! haha

Where are you Mr. Magician? ThinkingTophat
“Magical props”

Yum - it’s making me hungry

Black magic and crystal ball - volumetrics are super cool.

Wanted to post the animation but it’s taking it’s time to render.

love it… thats awesome… i have a love/hate relationship with volumetrics… when it likes me… its amazing… :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Thanks @techtimmyd !

Very nice Ria! :smiley: Volumetrics are a blast haha