Weekly Challenge #24 "Comfort"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Comfort”

Starts 7/27/2020 and ends 8/1/20 Midnight PST

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One may not be comfortable with this theme! or will it take me out of my comfort zone Upside Down

Puns aside, I think I know what I will do.

Upside Down > “Comfort” < Upside Down

Dude this is beautiful! Love everything about it, nicely done Timmy!

This the only type of comfort I felt like, then realized, I rarely drink! So Virtual Alcohol it is! Could have done this and that but, this is all I did.

What I learnt with this was using shrink wrap. I found, unless the label is actually flat, not warped as in all images you find out there, it doesn’t like being stuck to the surface.

Maybe i did have to much to drink?!

i love this man… i dont drink anymore myself… but that looks amazing… Exploding HeadUpside Down

So simple yet so cool! I don’t drink but makes me want to :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done!


How did you model the plants?

Leaf Image Texture UV Mapped on a Plane… use proportional editing to bend the plane like a leaf… duplicate the leaf plane and rotate and scale… then joined and threw in pot :slight_smile: did same concept with grass too… so now curious about few other things :slight_smile: