Weekly Challenge #22 "Industrial"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Industrial”

Starts 7/13/2020 and ends 7/18/20 Midnight PST

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Blender 2.83 Default Cube Factory

Upside DownRoflStuck Out Tongue Winking EyeFactory

this is amazing. what a great idea

haha this is brilliant man! You got some good ideas. Well done

Pretty smart… I love it!

Number 1 Fan!

Reminds me of these Two windmills who were standing in a field and one asks the other, “What kind of music do you like?” – The other says, “I’m a big metal fan.” Rofl

This is one good example of a ‘fan art’ ! Grin

Cargo port

ROFL I guess so. :smiley: I’m Blown away by the responses… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaha, I almost added a guitar for a metal fan as well. But decided to just keep it industrial.

That’s a whole lotta brisket! Nice!

Rofl Brilliant…but I shouldn’t encourage you… lol Nice work man!

Really like this Shannon. Nice work! Feel like a crime scene is about to take place :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh God, the puns… xD I guess that’s a Fantastic render Steve :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay that’s it! I’ve had enough of this profanity… you are all banned

Super cool render crisp! Love the feel of this. Like a story behind the image :slight_smile:

“Shipyard 22”

Cycles, procedural textures, post pro and finishing in Gimp.

Dude Po! Very nice. Gives me an ominous kind of vibe but I like it! lol