Weekly Challenge #2 "TOYS" fraroses

Hi, everybody! I’m taking the alex low poly course, which I won with my second place in the monthly contest. I don’t have much time because I am studying a lot of things, but I would like to practice low poly for the first time. I’m starting out like this

Very cool Francesca! Hope you are enjoying the course! Loving the scene so far :slight_smile:

Cool. I loved the course.

:warning: scene in the works :warning: Ever since flying? brought up memories of our old toys, I used to do this sometimes when she was little ???

i really like your style :slight_smile: reminds me something i would see on a tv kids show . really cool!

Very nice. I like how this is coming along. Very nostalgic! Like the painting on the wall too

Well guys, my work has also become a riddle for all of you, what can you recognize? GrinStuck Out Tongue Winking Eye ??‍♀???

haha this is awesome! Legos and a sticky good hand thing and a Tamagotchi! Fun times :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m having fun Grin


Yep. Thats a boys bedroom Smirk

Very nice and minimalistic lowpoly style! Unicorns always win!

Nice Thumbsup

other updates, I always have problems with the lights and with the t-rex, I tried to color with vertex paint but when I go back to object mode it remains white, why?

Whoa! This is great!

So cool! For the Trex when you texture paint, you need to save the texture first and then you need to apply the texture to the Trex as a material and as the image texture

problem with the t-rex solved, I also made a guitar ?