Weekly Challenge #18 "Low Poly"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Low Poly”

Starts 6/15/2020 and ends 6/20/20 Midnight PST

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eladd i actually really like it Rofl the light is awesome Sunglasses
Just leave it like that

haha if this isn’t Low Poly IDK what is. Like Nim said, actually really like it lol

Had a hard time deciding on whether to show the model or build a scene. I chose the scene but am pretty happy with the model itself. It came in just under 1k verts.

Very cool. Like the feel. Reminds me of “A Bugs Life” lol

Nurgle Plague Fly

Still feel like I could do better than this but Im not really sure how

Any tips would be appreciated

Well done Shannon! And in a record breaking time :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmmmm I quite like the effect to be honest with you. Maybe some wires and stuff inside the sphere that we can see when we see through it, but maybe not. Like I said like the abstract feel of it

“LSS Pioneer”

Low poly spaceship scene, rendered in Cycles with post-pro with GIMP.

Mayan Temple

That is one clean looking spaceship. Maiden voyage coming up!

Thanks, and yup, maiden flight on a world where no high-poly ship has ever gone before!

My piece is more symbolic. Mastery of Low-Poly is the key for more advanced, detailed success. Learning the basics, learning to manipulate the most foundational of shapes is how you unlock the skill with more advanced projects and techniques. Such a learned skill is like a godsend to the future of your projects. Without Low-Poly, there is no base. Truly, the essence of Low-Poly is the key of one’s 3D future. And thus… Low-Poly embodied as such.

My first participation in the weekly challenge !

I really REALLY like this. It just pleasing to the eye yet has important details. Must be the Welcome sign Relieved

Love mantids, I found a hatchling a few days ago on my balcony, tiny thing was about the size of my nail, so cute! :smiley:

Yeah I really like the color palette too

Here is my “REAL” lowpoly entry.

The other was just a ‘spoof’, a ‘mocking jesture’, IT WAS A CUBE! not a toy…A CUBE!