Weekly Challenge #15 "Chaos"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Chaos”

Starts 5/25/2020 and ends 5/30/20 Midnight PST

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This is probably my favorite render I’ve ever done mostly because I had no idea in mind when I started but I loved working on this hope you like it.

That’s great i really like it!
How did you do it? it looks very interesting…

This is pretty sick tlhman! Like it a lot and one of my favorites from you as well

I made an array of rectangular prisms and gave them three or four simple deform modifiers till I got something I liked shape wise then made a color ramp and voronoi texture to get the colors

Sorry I made an array of a group of toruses sorry forgot for a second that I changed it

“Under Pressure”

Cycles render (512). I wanted to do twice that number of sampling but I didn’t have 3 hours to wait lol.

Evee Chaos ((just not as pretty as Cycles) I did not have time to fully complete)

I was working on one my projects when I stumbled across this fantastic internal addon by mistake called “Extra curve Objects”. Its fantastic. Gave it a few hours + volumetrics+ particle system and made this !

Cycles produces even more cool results but I didn’t have the time for that.

Everyone should try this at least once!

Dude this is pretty freaking awesome haha. Like the dirtiness of the glass/plastic

Thanks Alex!