Weekly Challenge #13 "Primitive Technology"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Primitive Technology”

Starts 5/11/2020 and ends 5/16/20 Midnight PST

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This came out all sorts of messed up, the shadows, the light and color, the blood… But it’s a quickie I did in a couple of hours just to change from the other projects I’m working on.
I had no idea what to do for this contest and I actually forgot about it until a couple of hours ago. So I just made a not that great looking stone axe…

“Stone Age TV”

When I saw the brief, I immediately thought about the Flintstones. I followed a tutorial for the banana and modeled the rest.


The IBM 5150. The original ‘PC’ that started it all. That’s fairly primitive technology by today’s standards, right?

Primitive Technology,

Gramophone… My grandmother’s Walkman


haha this is awesome man. Quick one but I like it! Has a brutal story behind it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! Brilliant. Banana TV :stuck_out_tongue: Steve would approve. lol like the concept

primitive indeed! Looks great man. You got the look and feel just right :slight_smile:

haha the title makes me laugh. My grandma has one as well lol. Great work Nim!

A cassette tape found during an archaeological dig shown here on a display table.