Weekly Challenge #124 "Boat"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Boat”

Starts 7/18/2022 and ends 7/23/22 Midnight PST

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Comments are welcome!

Theme: Boat ???:skull_and_crossbones:??

And just saying… literally made this the day before the theme was announced… lol so came up with a new boat scene… in all honesty i like the new one better… so worked out lol ?

also realized i got this pink/purple vibe going lol ???

Paper boat in a glass bottle floating down the river.

Title: Steam Boat Silly

This is awesome Marcat!

Merci beaucoup Alex :slight_smile:

Wanted to do so much more, but ran out of time. The weirdest thing is that it looks horrible when it’s sharp and in color, but doesn’t look too bad when blurred and desaturated.

Added my reference, it’s really not much boat to begin with hahaha…