Weekly Challenge #123 "Magic"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Magic”

Starts 7/11/2022 and ends 7/16/22 Midnight PST

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Comments are welcome!

so happy about this theme… not only cuz it opens up options for me, but I’m excited to see everyones entries… so many directions this can go… and no matter what it’ll be fun all around!! :slight_smile:

Moon Gods

Magic Today

30 min render at half res because of the smoke. So some details are not visible that much. :*(

Rabbit out of a hat.

lol nice!!! Exactly what my niece told me to do when I said the theme was Magic… lol… came out great… nice work

Abracadabra ?:spades:

Nice one Tim!

thanks, there were so many ideas.

ty… thought about doin big stage scene with camera view being mirrors seeing how trick being done kinda thing… but too big of idea to do in short time…:hourglass: so watched a few magic shows and youtube magic acts… :sparkles:and most of the famous stuff is card tricks… and not the crazy drill through the guys body… so went card trick route… lolol ?‍:male_sign:

Title: Ynnub

More rabbit ears hahaha… trying to find a nice procedural way to add film scratches, so may well add an update a bit later today, but for now, the stomach is making horrible noises.

how did you make that sparkle effect?

Basically a particle system with a Follow Path constraint set to it. The sparkle effect comes from a Glare node added in compositing. Make sure though that the sparkle emitter is positioned in the world-origin before you add the Follow Path constraint, otherwise your sparks will go all over the place and won’t follow the path properly. It took me a while to fix that glitch hahaha… Happy to make a YT video if you want to see the whole process. Still looking for some easy way to add those old fashioned super-8 film scratches. Found some videos, but most show blobs, not actual scratch lines. Will get get there one day though.

This will be somewhat more helpful I hope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50WZCuSTYh0 :wink: