Weekly Challenge #122 "Volleyball"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Volleyball”

Starts 7/4/2022 and ends 7/9/22 Midnight PST

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Those colors are awesome!

Here’s my submission


Hahaha… was already wondering who would go for Wilson.

Ready for beach volleyball

Title: In Praise of Volley

You may want to Google “In Praise of Folly” to understand the meaning of this composition. In Praise of Folly is basically a philosophical treatise on the folly of mankind. It was written in 1509 by Desiderius Erasmus and still holds its value today.

Sunset volleyball

And with a wee bit of highly annoying music hahahaha… apparently some tunes are more annoying than the “Army Moves” AMIGA game tune. Anyways… enjoy:

In all honesty, I thought about doing a scene where 2 astronauts are playing volleyball on the moon… because the net would be real high because they could jump super high due to gravity… thought it would be a unique spin… but chose to avoid the character creation so went with the glass shatter concept instead lol

Funny you mentioned the Moon. Kind of stumbled on this yesterday, and it surely demonstrates how reliable our great Internet really is.

If you perform the calculations gravitational force (Earth-Moon system) versus centrifugal force (of the Moon), you actually find the correct answer quite easily (assuming the various values entered are reliable though hahaha…).

LOL… thats awesome!!!.. I personally love just seeing suggestions that are offered as you type into google… this site has bunch that are hilarious https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/hilarious-google-suggestions/

That’s some very funny suggestions Google makes there. Did look up the “dreaming about snakes” once, but quickly realized that it could have as many meanings as one’s imagination allows for, not unlike interpreting some ‘holy’ scriptures, which only seems to be restricted by your interpretation, your imagination, and your persuasive powers over others. It’s a strange world we’re living in, a very strange world indeed.