Weekly Challenge #12 "Fighting COVID"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Fighting COVID”

Starts 5/4/2020 and ends 5/9/20 Midnight PST

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Fighting Covid aka the Corona…anytime, anywhere, just me and my double barrel Sunglasses

haha! Love this nim! Brilliant idea. Reminds me of DOOM but more corona virus-y lol. Awesome concept!

Resident Evil. The 1st movie. Nice

Made a poster with the help of Thor’s hammer. The slogan is what is on the poster behind our PM when she does her updates most days. Figured this was a good representation.

hahaha nice one man!

That’s awesome, I love the chains and the material on them. Also like the details on the hammer head. Out of curiosity how did you make them? My method so far for making something like that has been to trace over a pattern and then extrude the mesh to make it 3D


I ‘cough’ followed a tutorial and it ‘ah’ was provided Hushed as a .svg file.

BUT If I was to do it (which I know I can), I recon there several ways. I would do what you mentioned, or use Grease Pencil or Bezier Curve. I don’t think it really matters.

“Carpet Bombing”

Cycles render, a bit of post-pro in GIMP.

“Fighting” Covid

fantastic ! Clean and very good composition. Nice concept as well

wow, this is goooood !!!

well done Eladd

Yeah Bezier curves can be very useful for this kind of thing but I find them a bit tricky to work with, I’m not very used to them yet

Oh man I think that’s North Korea’s tactics of fighting Covid xD lol nice job Po!

Nice one Womble! Is that blue curtain with cloth sim or sculpted? Looks really nice!

Thank you very much.

Both the curtain and flags are cloth sims. I modelled the basic wavy shape from a curve and extruded it. Then I pinned some of the top vertices and ran a simulation.

Neat idea.