Weekly Challenge #11 "Tropical"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Tropical”

Starts 4/27/2020 and ends 5/2/20 Midnight PST

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A glitch in my .blend file prevented me from finishing this, but here is what I started on.

wow dude this is amazing! Love the vibe. Want to go there now….lol Is the water where it breaks on the shoreline sculpted or fluid sim or?

Here’s my entry for this week.
“Tropics Getaway”

It was very fun working on this project because of the less time.

Lot of project from views and texture slaps. Few assets from web and previous projects helped to speed up.

At the end of the day I loved making it !

I like how lush the vegetation is! Looks like paradise! Sorry to hear you had issues with your blend file that prevented you from 100% it

					Nice, I like the water material a lot!

Man just give me a little house like this and I can die happy! Looks awesome, well done!

It is just a noise texture.

Good Composition and that water is really impressive !

The greenery makes the scene full and complete. I wonder how good it would have looked if it was 100 % completed.

I guess the glitch you are taking about is probably is the result of the use of huge number of particle systems that you have used for the plants,maybe.Upside Down

wait until the AI develops to uploads our minds on machines then i ll surely give you what you want.GrinSmile

thanks a lot !

LOL! I dread the day this happens…

Here’s my entry. Was trying to add more stuff and ended up almost stuffing it up. So I am stopping. Stayed with low poly.