Weekly Challenge #108 "Wizard’s Lab"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Wizard’s Lab”

Starts 3/28/2022 and ends 4/2/22 Midnight PST

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He made the lab invisible.

Totally not cause I’m lazy.

Wisard’s Lab

Well I believe this is all I am going to get done on this. So much left out but hey I guess it’s something. Cycles render filmic used and depth of field and going to call it…

“The Scarlet Wizard”

“A Wizard’s Lair”

Very cool man! Love the ambience!

Doing my best and thank you :wink: Used quite a number of techniques from your architecture course to create those cabinets. Also noticed that the glass looks a million times better with a higher number of samples (used 4096). Wanted to add a rotating staircase (this one is simply breathtaking: http://repinned.net/pin/other/beautiful-wrought-iron-spiral-staircase-in-derelict.html), but couldn’t find the time or space in the composition anymore. It’s just nice to have something to work on besides following the tutorials as presented in courses.

Glad that the course helped you out with some techniques! Yeah may have been a bit crowded with staircase. Like it like this. It is nice to take a break sometimes and do some competitions :stuck_out_tongue: Should do more! Looks awesome

Couldn’t resist adding a wee bit of sound and a wee bit of “animation” to it ?