Weekly Challenge #100 "Underground"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Underground”

Starts 1/31/2022 and ends 2/5/22 Midnight PST

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Comments are welcome!

I have tried to go more artistic with this one.

Someone likes Piet Mondriaan :wink:

Aliens were here this whole time…

Ants underground

Underground entrance

looks really good !?

Would have liked adding some volumetric effects, but my video-card clearly has a different notion of time hahaha… Also added the initial “sketch”, to see if this might actually work.

The Underground Subway–

Wow that tripped me out, very cool!

wow super cool Karen! I had not seen this for some reason. Love it!

Just quickly Whipped this up as had to submit something…not what I was working on but just something so other know what not to vote for :wink:

Underground City

This is what I was working on before I went away for the weekend…didnt get very far…not much detail…