Weekly Challenge #10 "Water"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our NEW Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Water”

Starts 4/20/2020 and ends 4/25/20 Midnight PST

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I have just run out of time. Was trying to use Mantaflow to create a realistic water draining away but it just kept failing! So had to compromise with just altering a cube, subdividing, rotating the vertices. Not exactly the look I was wanting but it will have todo.

“Water Weaver”

Cycles, procedural textures, post-pro in GIMP. Taking inspiration from a past work: http://fav.me/dcpxlv9


Cycles (512), lots of PBR materials, HDRI lighting/background, and I’m trying to get better with node textures which I used for the straw.

Hmmm…Might go get a glass of sparkling water with a hint of Lemon. Tastily refreshing!

Happy to provide some inspiration lol

This is really cool!

Looks good Eladd! Sorry mantaflow was being difficult lol

Very realistic Crispy! The foam/spray is a really nice touch.

Looks amazing man! Like I said, like the blend of the 3D with the background image

Great work crisp! looks refreshing!

Nice Eladd! Hey that’s what challenges are for, to learn something and get better :slight_smile: Looks good

Po has done it again! Another awesome render that is :stuck_out_tongue:

Perfect wave for surfing!

Yeah I feel you, I was having issues with it too and decided to go another route. I should spend some time to learn the mantaflow process for the future.
I like how you adapted though and still got your scene to work!

I love the dynamic in this one, her powers seem peaceful yet deadly at the same time. As Bruce Lee said “Water can flow and water can crash”

Nice man! I went with the node editor myself, tying to get more familiar with it! Some water condensation on the glass would take it to the next level! + a little bit of noise texture connected on a bump map in the lemon material would give it the texture that it has as they are not that smooth, this in turn would add to reflections etc, but I get the pressure of the deadline, believe you me!

Doh. Hit reply on wrong converstation!!!

Issue I had was, when there was just a plane the fluid would land on it and act like fluid just like any of the tutorials when using just the domain. Then as soon as you put a hole in the mesh, the mantaflow fluid would going straight through everything and land on the bottom of the domain.

Had the same thing a couple of months ago when attempting to make a Volcano erupt.

It seems as though it is quite buggy for this purpose.