Weekly Challenge #1 "Wooden"

Hey Blendermaniacs! It’s time for our first Weekly Challenge!!!

Theme: “Wooden”

Starts 2/15/2020 and ends 2/22/202 Midnight PST

Please submit your entry to THIS thread by hitting REPLY at the top right. Comments are welcome!

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I hope I put the rendering in the right place, I present my practice for the weekly challenge

Yup! You put it in the right place :slight_smile: This is awesome! Well done :slight_smile: Something I find helps with darker shadows like you have is using an HDRI for lighting :slight_smile: I think that would top it off! Other than that, this is awesome! Love the thread hair and the whole concept. Well done!

#weeklychallenge I know one person one photo. and due to too much render photo I chose the wrong one and uploaded, please Alex ignore that left render and allow my right render photo for the weekly challenge

Very nice! Interesting concept

Just a quick one for the Weekly Challenge “Wooden”. Nice to have a break from my shed project. Upside Down

haha this is really cool Swanny! Like the vibe of it. I really like the wooden tree look too!

Great concept. The trees do stand out in a good way.

Nice. Very clean and simple.

I love the style.

I dig it!

haha super cool Pete! I like that you used the alien in here haha

This is an awesome scene Crispy! Wooden toys abandoned by video games :open_mouth:

That’s cool Crispy! Just like my place - kids using tech instead of playing with toys.

There was so much I want to do this, but we only had a week. I had to stop. I hope you guys like. Enjoy!!!

Very nice Ed! Drinks all around! Like this render, has a nice vibe to it

how beautiful this little green is, I find it in all places Rofl