WEDNESDAY HOP time change

When Alex and I thought of setting up a second HOP, I originally thought I would try to give people from other time zones a chance to join, that can’t normally make the time on Saturday. That meant I needed to run it pretty late. I don’t want to get into too many details, but after a year or so of running it, the time we set it at wasn’t the most efficient and I can’t run it that late anymore. This means we will be moving the time earlier and maybe that will give some other people time to join in that couldn’t before. I did not want to stop the second HOP all together, so moving it was best. We will be moving the HOP 2 hours earlier than normal time and hopefully maybe that will bring some more people in as well. Starting next week HOP will be starting 6:00 pm PST. Hope to see you there and Blend on!

The new Wed Hop in Common time zones. Note: Daylight savings is close(15 ish days) so these will change soon.