WC and CGBoost

This is rough idea for CGBoost competition ‘Discovered in Ice Challenge’. It also has a vehicle in it so, Blendermania WC.

Don’t know why but always wanted to model a Haggland. It was used by NZ explorers in Antartica. There is an Antartica Ride here in Christchurch where you can actually ride in the Hagglands.

With the Frozen in Ice theme, cant do that without a Mammoth!

So pre design done. On with the modeling. Obviously final result can differ.

This is awesome eladd! Very cool idea with the cutting out of the images haha

So last night I started modeling the Haagland.

Going low poly initially then may up the quality. This is where I begin to flounder. I can get the basics down but then for some reason just...mess it up. Everything was going well. Started putting some detail in then I went to put detail into the tracks (have only done front)

For some reason it just looks off to me?

Here basic render and what it looks like in Blender.

It obviously early in the modeling stage but...I guess I want things to look how they're meant to.

Curious to know what anyones thoughts are?

I looks off because it isn’t finished. Going great though. just keep adding those details and remember the lighting and environment will help the realism later.

exactly what crispy said. Using an exagerated example, if you have a cube (which starts off as a car) and ask why it doesn’t look the same, the only reason is cause you haven’t tweaked it enough. Keep going! It’s looking great. You’ll see the more you work on it, the more detail and the more it will look how you want

I found some better images that show how the treads and wheels go. So should be able to get them looking better.