Version Control with GitHub

One nifty thing I did this week was learn how to use basic version control. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but I’ve been too lazy, but a couple of weeks ago my boss at work said unto me:

“Mark, if you’re going to script anything or compose anything with this new XMP/page layout software, your team is using version control.”

So, now I’m using it at home. It’s pretty nifty - I don’t have a paid account at GitHub or anything yet though I’ll probably meander in that direction if I need more space or options. I can backup and write change-log notes about any changes I’m making to InDesign files, any image files like JPGs and PNGs, BLEND files, scripts I’m messing around with for Unity in Visual Studio, and so on.

If anyone is new to version control and interested in using it for anything, there’s a good, free, hour-long course at Udemy. It’s at:

I also wrote a short (one-page) step-by-step guide about how to navigate controlling your first project directory. I’m using a combination of GIT Bash and GIT GUI for Windows 10, but my guide probably can work for Mac users, and if you’re using Linux you probably know 8 times more than I do already so you can do your own thing. :wink: If anyone wants to chat about this, let me know and we can talk here and/or I’ll send you a Google Drive link to my PDF.

Nice Mark! Thanks for sharing