Vegas Suzanne

Hi there !
I am a new blendermaniac, and a Blender newbie as well… To motivate myself for learning, I decided to enter the “Wild West” contest… Here is the current state of my work after two weeks ! Now I need to add a more interesting environment, and also some interesting camera movement. I still have a few days to make it better… Constructive criticism welcome !

Welcome to the Blendermania family XM! Great work on this project so far, cannot wait to see its completion. When you fill out the scene will be easier to see what can be better but right now it’s looking awesome!

I love it Xm ??

Looks awesome… I would just leave it like that…but thats me…?

Thanks !
I have now a few ideas to improve the scene. Object movements, and a zooming movement of the camera so that one could see better the details of the model… And also I’ll come with a better background scene than this checker/brick plane… And better lighting too.
But I remember the contest is about a still image, I’ll have to choose a good point of view

cool suzanne

Last update to Vegas Suzanne, a minor update , mostly I made it long enough to listen to the entire song! Also a few new thing, and better light I think. To do : a better background, camera movements, several sequences… etc… etc.
EDIT : OOOPS I forgot the credit screen at the end… Just wait a few minutes!

And here it is :

Vegas Suzanne still image WIP… Had a little difficulty with Sun Position and Sky Texture as a newbie, but I think are more or less got it

Really nice work …

Did you check the work of this guy ?, looks like he is newbie also, but he is doing nice things with Blender also…

That’s incredible, a very skilled and promising 3D artist ! This fellow could definitely teach me many things. But I probably learn more slowly because I have lost some of my neural plasticity, I am a 53 years old “senior citizen”

It is never late to do what you like … and about the “plasticity”, it is like starting to do some exercise at any age, at the beginning it requires a higher effort but once in the path, the muscle (brain) will start performing the required changes to reach the point you want to reach … so, just practice and practice and then practice again :-)…