Uv mapping and character rigging low poly animal

Hello there, I need some help with blender. I’ve been 3d Modelling for a while, never did textures for organic objects such as animals… I’ve started a new project, i.e rigging a low poly elephant to animate dance moves, So that’ll teach me Texturising and Character Rigging… I’ve started with texturing first, the test model is prepared (those are temporary textures in the images provided below.
I’m stuck on the UV Unwrapping of the elephant… not sure where the seams must be marked or how to actually paint the elephant properly without any parts missed, I’ve managed to map the low poly animal, I would love your thoughts on it and how it can be better.
If you don’t mind, could you guide me thru the character rigging part or If you have any videos for me to watch that would delightful, (I’ve been following you for a while, Really appreciate the work you do).

ps~ Sonic.Bomb is my Instagram, check out my work in progress!
Thank you for helping me out.


Hey Karan! Very nice. It seems that the UV you did seems fine. One thing I would check to see if there is any stretching. In the UV editor hit the N key and under “view” on the right click on Overlays and select stretching. Anything Dark blue means no stretch and from yellow to red means a lot of stretching. As for the unwrapping, I would suggest some key seams is marking seams under the legs where they join with the body. Also you could hit U –> smart UV project and see how that unwraps it to get an idea of some unwrapping ways. As for rigging, Idk if you know about the course but it does go over rigging and animating and that would definitely help you. I can give you a discount code if that interests you. Let me know how it looks and how it is with the stretching feature

Oh, well I’ll definitely do that, and as for the course I’ll need to ask my parents.

Thank You for helping out!

Kind Regards,


okay! You’re welcome and I have sent you a private message with a discount link if it interests you :slight_smile: