Using sound to drive animation in Blender

Hi I’m trying to find a blender 2.8 tutorial on using sound to drive multiple drivers with another single driver bone that has f-curves baked to it.

I found the following Blender 2.79 tutorial that is doing exactly what I want to do. I was successful following it and using Blender 2.8, up until the final steps when it was showing how to assign a SINGLE DRIVER to each of the 4 bones that are to have specific sound frequencies assigned to them. ie wood, bass, treble etc. In the video at location 26.31 minutes they click on the transformation/ rotation/x axis and clk “add single driver”. This is not available in 2.8. In the video they also clk the button in the graph editor at 26:52 minutes that says Normalize in 2.8 to bring up a drop down to change it to “drivers” in 2.79. This is not possible either in 2.8. Without this option I cannot proceed any further.

Hoping I am missing something or there is a completely new way of doing what I am trying to do.

Thanks in advance.

When you right click and select add driver, the driver options popup as a popup menu right there. Also if you go in the graph editor, and hit the N key, you can then access the drivers there. Is that what you mean?

I cannot find any reference to drivers under “n” in graph editor. Can you guide me further.

Well if you right click the location or rotation here you can select add driver, then if you right click it again you can select edit driver and you can edit it that way