Urodela: A personal workout project

Urodela are a shy and collected amphibious species whose demeanor can
vary from a cunning ambush predator, to a wise and timid mediator. They
live in secluded communities surrounded by coral reefs, coastal tropical
forests and sandy shores, where they protect the local wildlife and
environment from exploiters.

Concept art I took from a friend of mine and turned into a 3D model. I just did a quick texture paint on it but ideally I’d have this 3D printed and painted.
Quite a fun little personal project to work on and get me back in shape.
You can follow my friend’s page on FB if you like some medieval D&D/Steampunk/Fantasy 2D drawings, I intend to steal more stuff from him… and it is actually stealing, I still haven’t told him I made this… xD

Very nice!

Thank you man!