Up Onto Greener Pastures

Trying to get all things done without relying on other program for effects and post-pro so only using the compositor (sometimes I did like this on another weekly challenge forum, and some of the results wasn’t too good either lol). Kinda troublesome actually and there’s more hassle to do, but fun anyway. All works done in Blender, using procedural textures only (no sims or particles).

thats awesome!!!.. very cool using procedural to do instead of the particle system…

Thanks! Just trying out some alternatives, each method has its own pros and cons, for sure. Slight Smile

Very cool man! Like the experimentation and also like the title of this, tells a lot of the story :slight_smile:

I really love the feel of the render.

But there is one thing that I would like to say

  • either don’t make highly detailed models for small projects or if you make them then showcase them properly.

The main ship is pretty heavily detailed (looking at the workbench) but the shader makes it look like a single shape with some displacement or extrusions here and there .

Show your hard work !

I could be totally wrong , its just my point of view

Thanks man! Grinning

Yeah, I guess combined factor of zoom level, lighting, material/shader and detailing made the render looks like lowly cheapskate starship made in mere seconds (depsite been trying many alteration). Thanks for devaluating the efforts Slight Smile