Unofficial HOP Model (Monster Challenge)

I wasn’t officially part of the 6/20/20 Hour of Power, but I did go ahead and try my hand at the challenge anyway. I had to give myself a harsher time crunch because of the fact I had to go to work that day - a Saturday. >>; Nonetheless, I did what I could and my result wasn’t what I was initially going for. But I thought it was cute.

What we have is a little sea-bound critter. With its sandy skin and rocky bone areas, it camouflages to be some rock on the sea floor in the surface areas. It crawls with its front leg-like fins and anchors itself against the currents with its club tail. It appears to have no mouth, but its skin on the front of its hidden mouth is like a very fine fish net that catches little bits of protein, plankton and tiny organisms, which it then licks with its bottle-brush like tongue to wipe the gathered vegetation and critters off the filter skin and into its mouth. Its white eyes are large but they’re very simple, detecting mostly light, which they like to travel to since its food floats around and photosynthesizes, so where there is sun, there is food.

haha this is awesome Drifting! I like that you did HOP on the side and turned out good. Guess you did the Half Hour of Power :stuck_out_tongue: Like the backstory of this critter

Thanks ^^ I did two more shots to see its back and better shot of its fins.