Ultimate Blender 3D Character Creation & Animation Course Section 2 Caterpillar

Finished my second assignment. Watch out, you may get dizzy!

Says video format not supported and to download to watch it. Don’t know if you knew so thought I’d just let you know.

It says the video format isn’t supported and you have to download it to watch it. Not sure if you know that, but I was excited to see it so I did (sorry) but it’s adorable. Nice job!!

I think it came out great… love how you did the ground and the grass… that came out nice… and i love the coloring on the caterpillar itself… if you slowed it down by stretching the timeline out to more frames… it’d be ideal… but definitely nicely done ?

Very well done Annie! Came out great. Love the colors of the caterpillar! Welcome to the Blendermania family!