Ultimate 3d character creation and animation course, section 3.

My worm evolved into a caterpillar though, and I imported some of my earlier creations to make a little “story” :stuck_out_tongue: The project got way bigger than I planned though (my boyfriend, who do no blender whatsoever said he thought my worm needed legs and that I “can do better” on my first version, so ok I had to stretch it! x-) ) but then, when it got that much of a bigger project I really regretted I had not made the faces of the other creations animatable. I now know how to do it so, and it would have made the video sooo much better…! But I found it being really messy to create new shape keys on the centipede after already having animated and saved other keyframes on him, so I didn’t even dare to start to mess with the others too. Other than that I’m happy for now. Eager to continue the course so!! x-) or to start on the environment or arcitecture course I already got myself! :smiley: Think I’ve got enough courses from you for my next 20 years now with my speed X-) Anyways, here the video link :slight_smile: :