Udemy - SciFi Scene

I have started

Keeps giving

oooo very nice Shannon. I like your scifi type stuff

I hope to specialise in it, this is part for an EXTREMELY annoying class

Nice beginnings of a scifi doorway you got there. I can hear the swoosh already :wink:

Yes yes… all about the spam

Very sweet SciFi Door man! What is beyond it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great!

Evee Vs Cycle (course is in Evee)

Sweet! Doorway to Doom :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the difference?

Evee vs cycles??

And why do you may choose one over the other?

Sorry for the ignoreance ?

Evee renders almost instantly. Good for quick renders but to get textures to look a certain way takes more configuring.

Cycles has better lighting and realistic shadows but takes longer to render.

If you look at FleetingThoughts doorways, the right is more defined due to the shadows and more realistic lighting.

As another example I've rendered the following wineglass in Cycles then Evee. Wineglass was one of the exercises in Alex's courses. May show the difference more clearly. Basic glass setup. Did not alter anything for the Evee render hence why it looks worse (as far as the glass is concerned).

Coming along nicely.

I like the way this looks, I might have to get the course from Udemy.

I think he said the instructor isn’t that great.


Welcome, Master’s House

Ha! Master’s Lair lol. Vey nice!

Looking good.