Udemy - SciFi Crate Design

Made afew mistakes which would normally cause me to stop.

But thankfully I have been able to work around them so far and learning a lot.

Bed time, maybe finish tomorrow? i’ve started going off book a little :wink:

The colors, how did you do the colors?

Looks great man! Nice modeling

That is using the random selection under the madcap.

Looks great.

Crispy is correct. Just gives different meshes a random colour. I find it easier to see things I haven’t joined together yet etc etc

wow, so clean modelling ! Well done man

Fiddly bits :frowning:

Nice Fiddly bits :stuck_out_tongue:

Materials, Oh Materials! (Thanks Gralous :wink: )

a little brighter

Gone a little off script with Materials for the moment. I’ll get back on once I continue the course

Super sick Shannon! Love that middle render :slight_smile:

Do doop

This is some beautiful craftsmanship Shannon! Gonna make @gralous jealous :stuck_out_tongue:

Lighting Lighting and more lighting

Okay I am sold. I want one…

DONE! now for the next crate :slight_smile:

superb !