Tumbler Build

So I decided to take up modeling a tumbler. This is the beginning phase of it so far. Colors and such are just temporary till it gets to unwrapping phase. Right now any different colors are just to help separate parts during progress renders.



Dude! Awesome! When you finish it you need to make Batman too… or maybe Bananaman?

Very nice Steve! I think it’s ready as it is. Just throw a bike in the middle of it and strap it to the bike and you’re good to go! lol kidding but looks good so far man

LOL Bananaman I like it :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you, i’m getting ready to get back into it now for a bit.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks man, hopefully it all comes out ok by the final rendering.

LOL Well it does all separate to become a bike version so who knows :wink: Thanks, hopefully I do it justice.

oh man ! looks very good. You got the proportions right which is difficult do (at least for me). The tires are really well made.

Thank you. Those tires are actually just placeholders to keep positions of other objects in the right places. Hopefully will have some update shots on the project by tomorrow sometime.

Some slight progress and some tweaks.

Awesome work!

Thank you man, still working at it here and there between daily stuff going on. Hope to at least get external shell laid out before the middle of next week.

This is honestly very impressive, I can’t wait to see it finished!

Thanks hope to get some more done to it later on.

The Tumbler was looking lonely so I had to toss a Batman in for reference LOL

“Cause I’m Batman!” Dang looks great steve!

dude that’s so awesome!

love it, great work !!