Trouble with sword subdivision.

Hi, I got as far as subdividing my sword handle only to find I may not have had it constrained properly (Had some strange extras in the division). So I did a second handle and now I think my subdivison is working the wrong way round. I’m getting rounded ends, which not only is not how I want it it also looks a little dubious :wink: What have I done wrong? (The original handle is the one on the far right)

One thing that I do a lot when I use subdivision is to turn on Auto Smooth in the Object Data tab. That often takes care of problems.

Thanks! It turned out I’d made a square handle which made it different anyway! Had a brain drain, but I like how it’s turned out now so bonus! Also I meant to say subdivision surface modifier in original post. I’m not sure if you knew I meant that or not.

It looks like this now

Ok me again with yet another problem. So I want to put a material on the boxed area only but (I’m assuming this has something to do with either subdvision smoothing or loop cuts) I’m only able to fill part of it. How do I fix this (in comparison I’m having the opposite problem with the rings, they cover part of the boxed area) 

Hey Shayde! Yes for it to fill the whole box area you need to add a loop cut on the bottom part of the box. So CTRL+L and then slide it all the way down :slight_smile: LMK if that helps