Totem Machina

Random monument object. Rendered with Cycles, postpro with Gimp.

And then he noticed it wasn’t a luna-part attraction after all :wink:

Hahaha… thought it was a luna-park attraction, but then realized it was more of a Sci-Fi thingy either falling apart, or being constructed :wink:

Actually, the machine parts are being ‘fed’ to the monument as part of containment procedures so that it won’t get angry and send out massive EMP shockwaves. Either that, or it’s already angry and start throwing things around … ?

These reminds me final fantasy 8, don’t know why

WOW! That looks epic!

Hahah really? Haven’t played 8 though, had only finished 3, 10-1 (currently playing 10-2) and 13 (-1 and -2, didn’t enjoy -3 though lol).

Thanks !