Time to get back to it!

I have taken a break for a while due to a few life problems ,but as I am finding out , I need something to do and keep me busy from time to time, keep the brain busy. There is also a saying, if you don’t use it then you lose it, and well I don’t want that. So the target to ease me back into 3D this time is this. Its been something I been wanting to make since I have a small broke minature of the cannon on my desk, just doesn’t have the level of detail we are going to be aiming for when modeling it.

blockout and camera set

Worked on the rear chamber

Barrel and chamber, still gotta add some bolts, but this part is almost done.

Currently this is where the cannon is at , main wheel done, working on the axel type areas and hub.

Hub, bearing, main axel is done.

Made the cross swivel part around the barrel and blocked out the body a little more

Worked on main body, fixed some alignment issues and made the band to go around the sides

Had to resize some things, added some details

Anyone who has seen me model , its all about them details, so worked on some of them, correctly sized things and made wheel base wider since I had alignment issues and figured out they were too close together before, now everything looks proper

This is looking great Gral! nice job!

After hours of trying to make a good looking chain , I finally achieved a good looking chain, and made a small set and a large set, made some more bolts as well. Next I have to make this S kinda looking hook on the side.

Very nice gral! Chain came out great and loving the details