Timber Wolf

I’ve been building this on and off for a year and a half. One day I might finish it. This is my 3rd time revisiting it. The arms are all I’ve done this time.

Oh it MechTime MechTime, gonna have some MechTime!

See this video and change the MEME or MECH!

I think I died a little with that.

Finally finished modeling.

Was expecting a jump scare at the end…Oh maybe next time.

Didn’t have time for all that yet lol.

A little texture on it.

Very nice crispy! The amount of work you put in definitely shows. From modeling to texturing. Looks great

Some more texture layouts.

1 more color scheme.

Dude this is so sick! Love the white one :smiley:

Got it rigged. One day maybe I’ll put it in a scene.

Show me Timberwolf FLOSSING!!!