Ticking the Boxes

Gerald Hoffpauir asked about the background of my View-Master image and how I’d made it. I had to admit that it was just a boring old HDRI because I didn’t know how to make realistic looking weathered cardboard boxes…
So I set myself a goal of learning how to do it this afternoon.

Things learnt:

  • UV unwrapping and exporting for photoshop.
    Edge extrusion (as opposed to the face extrusion I’d only ever used before)
    Solidify and UV Unwrap BEFORE you bevel the edges
  • Thanks Gerald for asking the question that pushed me to learn something new. Still a long way to go, but this is a start.

    I love this! That because of the question asked, it pushed you to become better and try new things haha. That’s what this community should be about :slight_smile: by the way, those boxes are actually really nice and I love the handwritten writing on it too. Nicely done man!