This past Saturdays Hour of Power Challenge

I really enjoyed seeing all the awesome works that were accomplished yesterday! I thought I would try as I was watching to see how I would do.

Not well

I did not finish my little project in that hour. I spent another hour that evening on my version of the challenge and then another 2 hours this morning. Hmmm, a grand total of 4 hours. I guess I am a bit slow. BUT, it was fun to try and play along.

Here is my presentation for the Challenge yesterday was make something sharp or pointy. I present my Medieval Battle Axe…

That looks really awesome Rirchard! I like that you started with it as practice for your personal hour of power but stuck with it to complete it, it means that you enjoyed working on it!
You should definitely join next time!

Thanks, now if I could slow down time somehow. Maybe setup a time vortex, no a time warp, no maybe pour molasses on time…

See, hard for me to decide on things. Stuck Out Tongue Winking Eye

Dude what are you talking about!? This looks amazing lol! I know it wasn’t in exactly an hour but you should signup for the next one because the challenge will help you to do stuff in less time but even this for 4 hours is impressive. Nice work!

Looks very well made. Texture of the grip looks good.

Wow, that is very realistic. next level texturing. Did you texture paint it?

The handle texture was a leather texture that I got from The brass at the bottom and top of the handle and onto the steel is from a picture of a medieval battle axe that I wrapped the UV map over.

Did you texture it in Blender? I use Substance Painter, and 3D Coat. I am having issues when I put them into the program my store is on though.

Everything was done in Blender. I have never tried Substance painter.