The Primitives Museum

Just messing around with learning lighting.

Very cool and sweet lighting. Like the primitive museum concept haha

thats a great idea to just play around with light and see how things are effected… great visual Upside DownSun With FaceBulb

Yup, I will be doing more messing around with this space tomorrow. I want to get a better handle on it. When I did photography I always used natural light which is essentially reacting to what was available, with this it is entirely proactive. I can make the light what it needs to be so it is a very different mindset.

thats awesome way to see it… because you have the experience of natural light… so being able to control that opens up a whole new world Upside Down

Decided to go for less performance art/creepy monkey head feel this time lol. The first one has 7 lights, 3 of which are colored. The shadows are still a bit blocky but Eevee isn’t Cycles and I don’t like re-rendering Cycles all the time to get a look at it. There are other techniques in Eevee, just got tired of tinkering with it. What do you all think?

love how you are playing with light and seeing the shadows and adjusting/tinkering with it all… different materials and everything… great job!

Supper sweet Lillith! Getting the basics in, awesome work. Like the one on the left a lot