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I try too, I started like this


Looks delicious! Can’t wait to see the finished result

We live on different continents, so because of the different time, I couldn’t catch you (I don’t know if I wrote it right). Anyway, I’m going like this. I wanted to make the cake more realistic but the displace modifier is still complicated for me. Still I have never done anything realistic, because the result is always cartoon style, I like but I would also learn to achieve something realistic. Where do I start? Do you have any advice for me?

I know that the whole context makes a thing real, but if we just look at the cake it’s not at all, the sponge cake is not so in reality. Maybe to learn, I should try to make an apple, simple things to make realistic, i don’t know

Somewhere on the internet there is a guy, explaining how to make realistic cake in blender. Maybe you should explore that.

I can not find it. For this cake I followed one, but apparently not realistic. Anyway I found a tutorial by alex II’ll watch it 

Photo realism is an entire area of study in itself. Lighting and materials make or break realism. I know nothing of cake though. This video is a good start on the concept of photorealism. Photorealism Explained - YouTube

thanks, that’s just what i need to understand! grazie Crunchy Stuck Out Tongue Winking Eye

Very nice progress! As for realism, the lighting will definitely play a huge role in it. I would also make the sponge part of the cake with a real world texture. What you can do is checkout my cupcake tutorial like you said and then take the texture I use for the cupcake, bring it into Gimp or photoshop and adjust the Hue / saturation of it and bring the hue to change that texture to a redish color. Could work that way. Other than that, Fantastic job! Tres Bien!

maybe I change the cake with this, I still have to decideI’m studying and learning many things, coooooooool

This cupcake looks delicious! Can’t wait to see it with some red on there :slight_smile: Could be a better choice than the cake, for you to see :slight_smile:

first cream test 

That cream looks delicious! You said you were going for photo realism before…I think you’re getting there! I want to eat it :stuck_out_tongue:

Very Nice!!!

try paper texure, I would like to fix it. But isn’t it really beautiful?Heart EyesStar StruckScream

It’s looking really yummy and realistic there!

Sure is beautiful ! Yum Well done Fraroses.

Looks very good.