The Colony Setup Rover

Figure I might as well do a WIP on this as it will be going on for a while.

Playing around with the idea of a night time scene and drones above lighting the area and searching interest points. With volumetric fog close to the surface of the ground and some light volumetrics to allow the “god rays” to be seen emitting from the bottom of the drones. Also playing around with the rover shape and track styles.

Thinking I am liking the body style of the lead rover which is more tank like but not sure about the top section to it so going to do some more sketching and reference searching before I decide to keep the drivers compartment.

hanged the body style yet again, maybe I should break out sketchbook instead of actually modeling indecisively lol

Yeah sticking with the mole looking style and changed up the extension arm a bit.

This is coming along great! I like the mole look and it’s interesting that you reduced the number of wheels from the start. I prefer the new look.

Dang these are sick!

Realized I didn’t give viewers anything to go by size reference, so if you look down by the bottom of the first rovers tread rollers you will find Waldo.

Wow man! Really like where this is going and I love the design of it! Seriously you science fiction/space fans need to get together and make something really cool!
Talking about you guys
@fleetingthoughts @purbosky
Just combine your powers and make a movie already!! :smiley:

Looking good, not sure.

I mean we have Alex, not sure we need a hal too :wink:

Turntable movie of a Rover? Sure, why not? :stuck_out_tongue:

Got a little bit of texturing done still more to do to the textures though. But figured I would post a quick update.